LegacyWorks Group Affiliation

LegacyWorks Group is an affiliation between Legacy Philanthropy Works, a 501c3 Wyoming public benefit corporation, and Legacy Investment Works, LLC, two independent entities operating under an affiliation agreement in what is sometimes known as a tandem structure.

Legacy Investment Works, LLC has been a major donor to and has nurtured the launch of the nonprofit Legacy Philanthropy Works as well as the creation of the LegacyWorks Collaborative Impact Model.

LegacyWorks Group, its model, and the suite of projects that operate on the LegacyWorks Group platform are all in dynamic evolution as we learn how best to catalyze the kind of transformational impact we seek. The policies and procedures of our two independent organizations ensure that there is no private inurement or benefit that flows from the nonprofit to the for profit. This is an area of expertise we bring to our projects and initiatives, and we would welcome the chance to be of support to you in similar endeavors.