East Cape Community Conservation Initiative

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Engage Communities

All communities in the East Cape understand and embrace the critical threats of large-scale development to water quality and quantity, coastal habitats, and the competitive advantage of their unique small-village customs, culture and values.

Mobilize Resources

A dedicated local team is assembled and actively working to catalyze and steer the community engagement, leadership development and capacity-building necessary to succeed.

Build Local Capacity

Key tools, training and mentoring initiatives are in place that establish, maintain and improve core local capacities that, in turn, support the emerging shared vision for thriving communities

The Cabo Pulmo community on the East Cape of Baja California successfully pushed for creation of a marine National Park and no-take fishing zone over 20 years ago. The recovery of the local reefs and fisheries has been remarkable, but the region is threatened by large-scale tourism development, water scarcity and other pressures. We are working with many local and international partners to help the community protect their unique and valuable ecosystems, build local leadership capacity and create aligned economic development opportunities.



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Our Baja Team - Grupo Comunidades Sustentables

Martin Goebel

Martin Goebel

Baja Regional Director

Martin has nearly 35 years experience in natural resources management and sustainable development. Between 1983-1986…

James Honey

James Honey

Senior Fellow

James Honey has nearly 20 years’ experience in coordination of complex environmental and economic solutions,…