LegacyWorks Collaborative Impact Model

LegacyWorks Group empowers organizations and communities to dare to do what they dream

We focus on the key components of place
and we empower communities to bring these key elements into alignment to create a thriving community



Our action-oriented Collaborative Impact Model is built upon these principles of community-driven change

Bring our Whole Selves

Enable everyone to bring their whole selves with fidelity and integrity and to be conscious, open, curious and committed to learning

Cultivate Trust and Collaboration

Build trust and healthy relationships as a foundation for collaboratively pursuing transformative change

Empower Vision and Growth

Cultivate personal, organizational and community development at our growing edges by daring to dream big and actively creating affirmations that support our growth and replace limiting beliefs

Learn by Acting and Reflecting

Reflect, explore, design, act and repeat, growing by doing important work together, starting small, experimenting with new ways, and actively learning all along the way

Hold the Big Picture and the Long View

We embrace complexity, engage in systems thinking, hold questions and move into the unknown to empower transformative change at scale over the long term

Welcome, Hear and Honor all Voices

We craft supportive, safe, equitable, accessible and inclusive processes and spaces that welcome and actively include the full diversity of our communities’ voices

Where Do We Start?

Thanks to an initial catalytic investment of our work in Teton Valley, Idaho, we have had the chance to develop and refine this model and demonstrate how it empowers communities to create transformative systems-scale change. On the ground, our projects most often follow these five steps:

Introducing ourselves and our work to key stakeholders; bring them together to find common ground. We list this as step 1, but it is a critical component that continues throughout the life of the project and beyond

Gather the great ideas and possibilities that are latent within every community, organization and leader

Energize and support key partners around common cause to build relationships, deepen trust, create new capacity and meet with success

The trust, relationships and new capabilities naturally generate more collaboration opportunities that call for facilitation and stewardship to emerge

When multiple collaborations are underway the process accelerates as more and more connections are made, creating new and real potential for systems scale, second order, transformational change

To see a case study of these steps in action, go to our Tetons story.

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