Tynes Viar

Director of Resources and Strategic Partnerships

Tynes has been fully immersed in innovative land projects, community regeneration and place-based education for more than 20 years. Throughout his career, he has strived to facilitate meaningful change through the diverse arenas of academia, conservation-based fieldwork, ecological design and nonprofit leadership. Currently, Tynes serves as LegacyWorks’ Director of Resources and Strategic Partnerships as well as lead Project Director in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tynes holds a PhD in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz with a specialization in Social Ecology and an MS in Conservation Science and Policy from Duke University. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship researching and providing a case study analysis of sustainability-based projects throughout the US, while also teaching college courses focused on the intersection of society and Nature. He complemented these traditionally academic pursuits by continuing learning and teaching at non-traditional educational centers promoting practical, integrative solutions to ecological and social issues. He received his Permaculture Design Certification in 1996.

Tynes has held leadership roles in prominent organizations devoted to community resiliency, sustainable food systems and place-based education. Additionally, he has served on Boards of Directors and as a consultant for other sustainability education centers, land trusts, conservation and policy organizations, land-based communities and entrepreneurial benefit corporations. In these roles, he provided expertise and guidance in strategic planning, resource development, facilitation, organizational development and personal development.

In the field, Tynes’ has served as a conservation planner for The Nature Conservancy, a wildlife biologist for The National Park Service, a wildlife rehabilitator and an ethologist at The Duke University Primate Center. He has also worked as an ecological designer, an organic farmer and a land manager/steward for multiple properties throughout the West.

Tynes resides in the pastoral wilds along the border of coastal Sonoma and Marin counties. He is a devotee of Wendell Berry, listening, the bicycle, homesteadish tendencies, libraries and the laughter of his precious daughter. In his spare time, he avoids screens.

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