LegacyWorks Group

LegacyWorks Group enables donors, investors and local organizations to achieve their conservation and community goals for the places they love. To do so we facilitate collaborative efforts and mobilize capital to advance initiatives that reshape the future of communities and landscapes.


Individuals, families
family offices and foundations

We help donors deploy their resources in ways that help communities move towards a more vibrant and resilient future. Our projects are designed to be catalytic, to build local capacity and to attract additional partners, bringing previously unattainable goals within reach.


Impact investors, funding organizations, landowners and land managers

We help people make high impact investments in land and real estate, and we help landowners achieve their impact goals for their properties. All services provided to our investor clients are performed by our for-profit affiliate, Legacy Investment Works.

Local Organizations

Conservation and community non-profits,
land trusts, local government agencies

We help local organizations collaborate, tap into public and private funding, and tackle big, complex projects that make a real difference in their communities. In most cases this work is performed by our charitable nonprofit affiliate, Legacy Philanthropic Works.

LegacyWorks Collaborative Impact Model

We believe thriving communities and landscapes are built upon three keystones: healthy natural systems, local capacity, and a resilient economy. Our work supports all three keystones by cultivating collaboration, mobilizing resources and advancing conservation and community initiatives.


LegacyWorks Group is an affiliation of a nonprofit organization, Legacy Philanthropy Works, and a for-profit company, Legacy Investment Works. Together we offer the full spectrum of approaches, strategies and tools to help clients achieve the impact they seek.

Legacy Philanthropy Works

Legacy Philanthropy Works (LPW) is a separate, distinct, and independently governed 501c(3 nonprofit entity. It only engages in work that furthers its charitable purposes. Projects are funded through grants, donations, and fees for direct services provided to community nonprofits and foundations.

Legacy Investment Works

Legacy Investment Works (LIW) undertakes investment projects and other initiatives that generate private benefits or profit. Its work is driven by its clients’ financial, community and conservation impact goals.

On occasion, there may be opportunities for LIW and LPW to work together side by side on a the same project, through carefully structured collaborations that operate in recognition of each entity's independent nature. For example, the availability of grant funding on a portion of a project initiated by LIW could allow an opportunity for LPW's involvement, and vice versa.

Our Work

We work with a wide variety of clients and partners including families, family foundations, investors, landowners, land trusts and non-profits. We are drawn to opportunities to have big impact through projects that require a combination of creativity, collaboration, public-private partnerships and entrepreneurial initiative. Our work is highly collaborative in nature, and our projects are co-creations with our clients, communities and collaborators.

Our Team

Experienced. Skilled. Passionate.

Not pictured above: Michael Sutton and the Legacy Philanthropy Works Board of Directors.
Our team holds or has held leadership roles with the following organizations:

Academy for Systemic Change
Beartooth Capital
Biscayne National Park
California Fish & Game Commission
California Wildlife Conservation Board
Center for Ocean Solutions
Center for the Future of the Oceans
Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens
Conservation Finance Network
Conservation International
Cooperative Advantage
David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Death Valley National Park
Esalen Institute
First Community Housing
Fondo Mexicano para la Conservacion de la Naturaleza
Glacier National Park

Grand Teton National Park
Island Conservation
Long Haul Capital Group
Marine Stewardship Council
Meridian School
Meso-American Reef Fund
Moebius Partners LLC
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
National Audubon Society
Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
Ocean Champions
Ocean Foundation
Ogden Nature Center
Oregon Sustainability Board
Quail Springs Permaculture
Santa Lucia Conservancy
Sempervirens Fund

Sustainable Northwest
Sustainable Northwest Wood, Inc.
Sustainable Vocations
Teton Science Schools
The Compton Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
The Summit Foundation
Trust for Public Land
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Uncharted Mapping
Valley Advocates for Responsible Development
Vermont Law School Environmental Law Program
Virgin Islands National Park
Wild Salmon Center
Wilderness Youth Project
World Wildlife Fund
Wyoming Hunters and Anglers Alliance
Yellowstone National Park
Yosemite National Park

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