Our Work

Here we highlight some of our current projects and services. We are busy working on many others and we pursue new ideas all the time. If you wish to learn more, Contact Us. We'd love to hear from you.

Teton Valley Assessment and Strategy

Idaho and Wyoming
We assessed opportunities and developed a strategy for a foundation to have catalytic impact, and are pursuing multiple emerging initiatives


Systemic change is taking root in Teton Valley

Many groups were working on separate issues and projects

Four local organizations are collaborating on a key project

We facilitate the project and support the partners

Successful collaboration leads to new initiatives

A thriving, connected network of collaboration is emerging

The LOR Foundation turned to LegacyWorks to help assess the opportunities, threats and challenges facing the Teton Valley and to outline a strategy for investing in the region. We engaged the community to learn what was important to them and ranked a list of opportunities according to their potential for positive impact. We considered agriculture, water, open space, wildlife habitat, resources, economy, development, identity, education, policy, and collaboration. We recommended a strategy for the Foundation and helped convene a partnership of four local organizations to implement the highest priority project, the Teton Creek Corridor (described below). We facilitate and support that partnership and project (see below) while continuing to identify and advance other important initiatives in the region. The collaborative capacity that has built up through the Teton Creek work has fostered multiple new collaborative initiatives in the valley that are addressing some of the community's biggest challenges including groundwater recharge, wildlife habitat, river access, family farms and more.

The Teton Valley Project is our most mature project and best illustrates our theory of change. We believe big change is possible and that our greatest needs and opportunities are within reach, even though they are beyond the reach of any single funder, organization or agency. Solutions require creativity, collaboration building, public-private partnerships and entrepreneurial initiative. As we focus on big opportunities that help advance important goals, we simultaneously build the community capacity to take on more complex and important work.

LWG’s importance comes back to the neutral facilitator role: it’s a key role for collaboratives: whenever there’s a partnership you need to have a neutral party to bring people together. LWG has created a sense of equality among the group. It prevents having a single leader who makes the group feel like there’s a bias.”

-Joselin Matkins, Teton Regional Land Trust

LOR Foundation

Community Engagement
Ecosystem Service Market Development
GIS Data Management and Analysis
Grant Applications
Funding Strategy
Implementation Strategy
Opportunity Assessment

Friends of the Teton River
Idaho Dept of Fish and Game
Teton Regional Land Trust
Teton Valley Trails and Pathways
Teton Water Users Association
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Valley Advocates for Responsible Development

Bureau of Land Management
City of Driggs, ID
Teton County, ID
Teton County Farm Bureau
Teton Soil and Water Conservation District
US Forest Service

Teton Creek Corridor Collaboration

Idaho and Wyoming
LegacyWorks and local community partners are addressing numerous community needs with a single conservation project along Teton Creek

Cultivate Collaboration

The partners have worked to create and enact a vision that protects and enhances those aspects of the landscape most important to the community

Mobilize Resources

We have attracted over $2.5M in funding to date for land protection, habitat restoration and pathway construction

Advance Initiatives

We are tackling a key community priority to protect and enhance Teton Creek habitat and public access

How does a community transition towards a cutting-edge approach to conservation? In Teton Valley, we started with a project where community and conservation goals are strongly aligned.

We launched the Teton Creek Corridor project with four key Teton Valley nonprofits to advance a community-scale initiative that had been sought by local residents for many years. The project was beyond the scope and scale of any single organization, but working together we have begun to create a public pathway along the Teton Creek Corridor; protect and enhance agriculture, streamflows and wildlife habitat; improve development patterns; and build collaboration between local organizations in order to promote innovative solutions for community-scale problems.

So far the project has protected 350 acres working lands, wetlands, and streambed; eliminated 45 planned development lots; completed studies on 2 miles of the creek to prioritize streambed restoration; and secured 2.5 miles of land and easements for a paved pathway connection from Driggs to nearby public lands. More importantly, the project has energized the nonprofit partners and grown the collaborative capacity within the valley.

LWG is part of the collaborative culture... Its institutional knowledge about all of the partners, the community, and what has worked in our local setting is invaluable. It’s been essential for us (the partners) to have one consistent organization shepherding the entire Teton Creek project.”

-Amy Verbeten, Friends of the Teton River

LOR Foundation

Project Facilitation
Governance Systems
Maintaining an Even Playing Field
Administrative and Transactional Support

Friends of the Teton River
Teton Regional Land Trust
Teton Valley Trails and Pathways
Valley Advocates for Responsible Development

Bureau of Land Management
City of Driggs, ID
Teton County
US Forest Service

East Cape Community Conservation Initiative

Baja California, Mexico
We are pursuing the following outcomes for our work in the East Cape region of Baja California

Engage Communiities

All communities in the East Cape understand and embrace the critical threats of large-scale development to water quality and quantity, coastal habitats, and the competitive advantage of their unique small-village customs, culture and values.

Mobilize Resources

A dedicated local team is assembled and actively working to catalyze and steer the community engagement, leadership development and capacity-building necessary to succeed.

Build Local Capacity

Key tools, training and mentoring initiatives are in place that establish, maintain and improve core local capacities that, in turn, support the emerging shared vision for thriving communities

The Cabo Pulmo community on the East Cape of Baja California successfully pushed for creation of a marine National Park and no-take fishing zone over 20 years ago. The recovery of the local reefs and fisheries has been remarkable, but the region is threatened by large-scale tourism development, water scarcity and other pressures. We are working with many local and international partners to help the community protect their unique and valuable ecosystems, build local leadership capacity and create aligned economic development opportunities.

Community collaboration in Cabo Pulmo

Individual Philanthropist
International Community Foundation

Project Facilitation

Cabo Pulmo Vivo Coalition
Amigos para la Conservacion de Cabo Pulmo

Baja Coastal Institute
Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Cabo Pulmo Learning Center
Center for Renewable Energy and Environmental Quality
Comisión Nacional de Areas Naturales Protegidas
Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza and Affiliates
GeoAdaptive, LLC
IMPLAN/Los Cabos
Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers
San Diego Natural History Museum
Sustainable Communities Group
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur

Impact Investment Services

We help bring the power of private capital to advance the work of our nonprofit and community partners

We are currently working with two clients on impact investment initiatives.

The Conservation Fund, a national conservation organization brought us on to help test the feasibility of raising capital from impact investors to expand their highly successful $50 million Conservation Loan Program. The program has made more than $200 million in loans over the past 20+ years to land trusts, agencies, parks departments and tribes for high impact land protection, restoration, recreation, agriculture and food systems initiatives.

We are also working with our partners in Teton Valley to develop an environmental market for groundwater recharge and to pursue a significant impact investment opportunity, the first of its kind in the valley.

It’s been great to work with you – professionals but not investment banker types. It’s really nice to have alignment around values and the process… I appreciate that very much."

-Impact investment client

Conservation-Oriented Businesses

Feasibility Studies
Investment Plans
Business Structure/Organization
Creative Solutions
Data Management
Due Diligence
Strategic Relationships

Conservation Organizations
Land Trusts
Open Space Districts
Conservation Funders
Impact Investors

Community Engagement and Facilitation

We have facilitated a variety of meetings, workshops, retreats and community engagement efforts

Santa Barbara Conservation Blueprint Strategy

We helped the Land Trust of Santa Barbara and its partners to develop a strategy for creating a report on the community’s natural resources and an online mapping portal to promote proactive conservation. To do so we: evaluated similar projects completed in other regions; implemented a three partner collaborative project leadership structure; built a Steering Committee representing a diverse group of stakeholders; designed governance and operational systems; prepared a detailed outline of the work deliverables; and created a robust community engagement plan.

Refugio Oil Spill Hotwash Meeting Facilitation

This meeting was coordinated by the Environmental Defense center and hosted by the California Office of Spill Prevention and Response. The purpose of the meeting was to gather an honest and fair assessment of the Refugio Oil Spill response relative to the interaction and integration with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The goals were to identify what worked and what can be improved in the future. We facilitated the meeting and prepared a summary of priority action items.

Allan Hancock College Agricultural Education Focus Group Facilitation

We facilitated a series of three focus groups with community leaders and students. Our role included: designing the process; facilitating each of the three meetings; taking notes; and producing an executive summary of the results. The focus groups were the final step in the college’s outreach to the agricultural community, related industry, government, educators and community members to enable the college to identify the agriculture sector’s educational needs and an appropriate path for the college to develop a renewed Agriculture major and other programming.

The Nest Community Engagement

Our client owned a strategically located property in the densely populated student community of Isla Vista near UC Santa Barbara. We collaborated with architect Jeff Shelton to convene a community design process to envision a project that would serve the needs of community members and the University with a small environmental footprint and a playful, social spirit. These efforts catalyzed events that led to UCSB acquiring the land for creating a vital space that will meet the needs of University and the community.

Rendezvous Land Conservancy Strategic Planning Facilitation

We were engaged to facilitate a board meeting for the Rendezvous Land Conservancy in which the organization reviewed its mission and priorities to date and laid out its strategic approach for the next two years.


Allan Hancock College
Cachuma Resource Conservation District
Environmental Defense Center
Individual Investor/Landowner/Philanthropist
Jeff Shelton, Architect
Land Trust of Santa Barbara County
Office of Spill Prevention and Response
Plains All American
Rendezvous Land Conservancy
Santa Barbara Foundation
University of California, Santa Barbara

You handled the team deftly and moved us to an important and crucial new place. There were mini-revelations and major shifts and all because you skillfully illuminated the path forward. So grateful for your time, your expertise and your wisdom."

– Laurie Andrews, Jackson Hole Land Trust