Our Work

Our work is fundamentally place-based. We have deep-rooted initiatives underway in three places where we work closely with a wide array of partners committed to long-term change. In addition we have several other projects developing in new locations, across larger regions and in thematic areas like impact finance. Follow the links below to learn more about our three primary places and check back for profiles of our other work over time.

Idaho and Wyoming

Over the past six years LegacyWorks Group has worked with an array of local partners on an increasing number of community-driven, collaborative initiatives that are meeting with great success. Read more ➞

Baja California Sur

Cabo Pulmo was made a national park promoted by the local population decades ago with a very effective no-take fishing zone. The economy and quality of life for Cabo Pulmo inhabitants have improved significantly and now neighboring communities see the need for engaging and adopting similar practices. Read more ➞

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is home to our main office and we are steadily increasing our involvement in a number of local projects and initiatives. Read more ➞